How to use the massage gun(Fascial Gun)?

How to use the massage gun(Fascial Gun)?

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Private: How to use the massage gun(Fascial Gun)?

Massage guns have many benefits, in the online store is the best place to buy massage guns, especially mini massage guns, massage guns trade a lot, massage guns cheap。

massage guns have a lot of accessories, for example : massage guns large round head is generally used for shoulder back, buttocks, thigh massage, small round head for arms, calves and other large muscle massage. Use, the massage gun needs to follow the human muscle texture and fascia towards the use, not just the sore point of the muscle to play. The head, cervical spine, spine and other large number of nerves, blood vessels distribution parts can not be used.

Each part of the use of the length of time can not exceed 3 to 5 minutes. Massage gun through high frequency vibration (2000-3200 times / min) will force and vibration transmitted to the human fascia, so as to increase the tissue blood flow, relax the efficacy of the muscle, and can be resonant so that the body tissue relative displacement, reduce tissue adhesion, restore the elasticity of muscle and fascia, so that the tension stiff fascia to relax, can relieve some of the body’s discomfort symptoms.

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