Do You Know The Basic Knowledge Of Fascia Gun?

Do You Know The Basic Knowledge Of Fascia Gun?

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If you are a person who often takes exercise, or works for a long time, or needs to maintain body posture for a long time in work and life, or needs to relieve fatigue and muscle soreness above middle age, then we have many styles and types of fascia guns for you to choose from. I'm sure you can choose a suitable fascia gun product for yourself.

Fascia gun is also a kind of massage gun. Our factory is the source factory specializing in the production of fascia gun and massage gun in the world. The fascia gun is cheap, and the products radiate to Europe, America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other markets.Here is the basic knowledge of fascia gun:

Fascia gun is a soft tissue rehabilitation tool. It has many advantages. It can massage deep tissue or fat mass.There are many accessories for the fascia gun. Its principle is to use the high-speed motor specially made inside the fascia gun to drive the "massage gun head", so as to generate high-frequency vibration and convey it to the deep muscle, so as to reduce tissue tension, relieve pain and promote blood circulation.The vibration amplitude is about 10-16mm and the frequency is about 30-50hz. There are many skills in using fascia guns, and many styles of portable and rechargeable fascia guns.

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