Did you know that moissanite is also a noble jewelry and can replace d

Did you know that moissanite is also a noble jewelry and can replace diamond in many cases?

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Diamonds symbolize nobility and beauty and are loved by many people. They are also a token for young people to propose and have a high status in people’s minds. Diamonds are also the king of gemstones, more precious and the hardest substance. Moissanite, chemically called synthetic silicon carbide, is extremely similar in appearance to diamonds and requires at least 10 times magnification to see moissanite to identify the difference. However, moissanite is inexpensive and a good choice for many people who lack money, but are fashion conscious, making it the best alternative to diamonds.

This natural moissanite dates back to the late 19th century, and the term moissanite diamond comes from Dr. Henri Moissan, who discovered the mineral in 1904 in the crater of Arizona. Moissanite (a type of silicon carbide), also known as silicon carbide, is so similar in appearance to natural diamonds that it is indistinguishable to the naked eye, and is a gemstone whose physical properties are closest to those of natural diamonds. The difference between moissanite and diamond is very small. Diamond is mono-refractive, while moissanite is birefringent, but when observed with a 10x magnifying glass, moissanite will appear as a double shadow. Both diamonds and moissanite are oleophilic, and from the surface, there is little difference between the appearance of moissanite and diamonds. It is foreseeable that due to the similarity of appearance with diamond, low price, without losing nobility and beauty, moissanite jewelry will be more and more loved by people of different classes all over the world.

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